For The Hopeless

Album: This Town, Going Under (2010)

You judge us all too fast
You think that we won’t last
You have started throwing stones
You’re tearing down our hopes

But you ain’t doing any better
Nothing you say even matters
I’m sorry but please admit
That you’re the one who should quit
Quit loosing your time

Laughing at our fuckin rhymes
Even if I had nothing to say
You’d be there listening anyway

We might seem like a grain of sand
Lost and hopeless with no home
But you’ll have to understand
That we ain’t here alone
Hundreds will come and join
Hundreds you cannot stop
Hundreds that keep us strong

We are guilty of seeking our fame
But wisdom will get us by time
We are still the same!
We will fight till’ our end!

Each step makes us stronger
And it gets them all together
And we know that we belong
Cause they are all singing along