This Town, Going Under is a unique post-hardcore band formed in 2009 by members with different backgrounds. Each one of them brought their reflections on their past experiences to form a strongly willed new entity. With many influences, they worked on creating their own sound and energy. Fueled by their passion for music, they lost no time before recording their firsts songs and then, in 2010, their self-titled EP.

Following the arrival of new members in the formation, after releasing the self-titled EP, some changes in the sound of the band were made. This Town, Going Under’s more aggressive and melodic sound has managed to reach more people with the release of their second EP, Perceptions, in 2012. This EP being more popular than the previous one, they have been doing more shows in many new cities and their following has grown significantly.

2013 marks the arrival of their first full-length album, Speaking The Unknown. A dynamic album that shows well what the band can offer. From here, the story is still being written from day to day. A lot of shows are coming and who knows what else can happen.

Currently writing new music, these musicians can’t wait to show you what they’re made of and do their best to share their passion from the stage to the crowd.