A Lantern In The Daylight

Album: This Town, Going Under (2010)

Staring, distant, away, lost
His eyes unfocused, covered by the night’s frost
His frozen hands won’t let go of the wooden cross
Knowing no rules more stern
And lacking of glory to earn
A man hands him a lantern
Hoping he finds a new way to learn

Sticking it high to a sun who warms
Trembling in fear as a young man warns
There is no need to search for someone who died

Where is he now?
As I am losing sight
As I am afraid to die
And I’m even more afraid to live

Walking, searching, hoping, lost
A straight line towards the sun he trusts
Hurt, hungry and hopeless, he bows for the Saint and Just
He knows He’s nowhere near
But he begs for someone to hear
He’s crippled by the fear
Broken and useless missing a gear

I’m lost
And I am losing sight
As I am afraid to die